Snail Mail

30 flat things to put inside snail mail!

So I just got into snail mailing! Which is basically writing letters to your pen pals. If you want a post on how to find pen pals from all over the world, comment down below!

If you have no idea what to put inside your snail mail here are some ideas!

30 flat things to put inside snail mail:

– Playlist of your favorite songs

– Recommendations (Tv shows, songs etc.)

– Stickers / Selfmade stickers

– Washi tape samples

– Tea bags

– Mail Tag ( Ask your pen pal questions)

– Currently I’m.. (List things you’re currently doing)

– Favorite recipes

– Flat sweets/ chocolate

– Tags

– Polaroids

– Postcards

– Pictures of you/pets/family

– Tickets (movie/public transportation)

– CD

– Quotes

– Samples (Perfume/Makeup)

– Drawings / Art you made

– Stamps

– Confetti

– Sticky Notes

– Magnets

– Powder drink packs (coffee..)

– Seed packets

– Collages

– Coupons

– Gift cards

– Envelopes

– Pressed flowers / leaves

– Magazine Articles

Comment down below if I should post some decoration ideas for envelopes and letters! 😊

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