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Bali Monkey Forest Experience / Review

Currently I am in Bali, Indonesia and the other day we visited the Monkey Forest there. To be honest I was so excited to see it, because I think it’s something different compared to other tourist attractions. 

There is an entry fee, although I cannot remember how much, but it was a decent price. The forest was very clean and well taken care of. There were staff standing pretty much everywhere, so someone is always watching the monkeys. You can buy a bunch of small bananas for approximately 20’000 rupees (approx. 1,5$). You can just stand with your back facing the monkey holding the banana in one hand and then the monkey will just jump onto you and take the banana. The staff there will show you how it’s done. They strictly tell you not to touch the monkeys, so don’t do it! They could get aggressive. Otherwise I thought the monkeys were really cute and calm. The monkey I fed even stayed on my shoulder while eating the banana. All in all I’d say it’s a worthwhile experience and it’s definitely worth visiting. There is no need to be scared of the monkeys! Even if you are you can just observe them and don’t have to feed them. 🐒 I will insert some more pictures below! 

– Comment down below if you’ve ever seen the monkey forest and if you enjoyed it or not!

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