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Kylighters from Kylie Cosmetics Review

I recently bought 2 shades of the Kylighters from Kylie Cosmetics and want to share my opinion on them with you guys. Salted Caramel (right) and Cotton Candy Cream (left) are the shades I purchased. 

I personally am a huge fan of Kylie’s Lip Kit’s, they’re amazing! But to be honest, these highlighters were a bit of a disappointment. I wouldn’t say I regret buying them, but there are better highlighters on the market! When I swatched them I was shocked, they lack pigmentation like crazy…as you can see in the picture above.

Once I applied them to my face, everything was different, it was quite pigmentated. Not as strong that you could blind someone, but a very nice natural glow. So I don’t fully regret buying them, as I do like having a more natural glow on my face then a really blinding highlight. Not everyone likes that, so maybe Kylie doesn’t like blinding highlights and made them more glowy. But if you’re thinking about buying them I wouldn’t spend so much money on them. For me it was a lot since not living in the US adds a lot of expensises(shipping & customs). Let’s hope she’ll come out with better highlighters! 🙂 
– xo Mel ❤️

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