Liebster Award! 

Hey beauties! 

I was nominated by Margo for a Liebster Award! Thank you Margo x
So here are the rules:

• Thank the blogger(s) who nominated you

• Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you

• Nominate at least 5 bloggers, but no more than 11 who deserve the award

• Tell those bloggers you nominated them

• Create 11 original questions for the nominees to answer.
Here are the questions I have to answer:

 1. What is your holiday? My favorite holiday would have to be when I went to Barcelona! It’s the most beautiful city I have ever seen. 

 2. Who is your favorite musical artist? I have so many! Some are: Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Childish Gambino, Chance The Rapper and Justin Bieber and Ed Sheeran 

 3. What is your favorite thing about your personality? That I am selfless and kind. I care about others much more than myself and I never judge people, I think everyone is beautiful in their own way! 😊 

 4. What product do you feel naked without? Concealer!

 5. What’s your go to form of self care? Listening to music and cuddling my dog

 6. Last book you read? Paper Towns – John Green

 7. Any tattoos (if so, what?) Nope not yet! But I have so many ideas 🙂

 8. Place you’d most like to travel to? Australia, Brazil and California 

 9. How long have you known your best friend? 12 years! 

 10. What was the last thing to make you laugh? Watching funny videos of me and my friends 😁

I nominate BrookeKatherineJoyHustle & Highlight and Cassi

Your questions: 
1. What’s your favorite song?

2. Your favorite beauty product?

3. Your favorite food?

4. What’s something you can’t live without?

5. Summer or winter?

6. What inspired you to start a blog?

7. What makes you smile?

8. Dream travel destination?

9. Your goals for 2017?

10. Dogs or cats?

11. Favorite movie/series?

– xoxo Mel 😘

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