Photography Instagram Accounts You Have To Follow!

Hey beauties,

These are some of my favorite Instagram Photography accounts. They’re all so talented and worth following. Comment down below your favorite Instagram accounts to follow!

1. Brandon Woelfel 

He’s a photographer based in New York. His pictures are very creative. I love the ideas he has and the ways he portrays them his pictures. The lights and bokeh he incorporates in his pictures give a certain life to it which I almost can’t explain, but just love. He also always shows before & afters of the pictures on his Instagram or Website. I wish he would take pictures of me!



2. Bryan Adam Castillo 

Bryan’s talent is amazing. His pictures really waken feelings inside of you. There is true meaning behind his pictures which I love. His nighttime pictures are stunning. I could scroll through his feed all day.



3. Dylan Fursty


Dylan Fursty focuses on outdoor adventure, travel and animal photography. There is a very calm/relaxing feeling I get when looking at his pictures. The landscapes he takes pictures of are breathtaking and make you want to explore the world more.



4. Kellan Hendry 

He’s only 18 and extremely talented. I’m love with his amazing editing skills. Just astonishing outdoor photography. Every picture is stunning, every detail and all the work put in to it, pays off. Vibrant, beautiful pictures taken all around the world.

5. Annegien 

She’s only 17 and makes me feel talentless. She takes amazing manipulated self-portraits. Her pictures are so creative, I’m amazed. Of course also great editing skills. Her pictures are very inspiring, I wish I could take such amazing, creative pictures!



Those were my top 5 photography accounts on Instagram. Of course there are so many more I love! Feel free to comment down below your favorite ones. 🙂


– xoxo Mel

Featured Image (Title Image) : Photo by Yury Orlov on Unsplash

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