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Things to do in London

1. Bus Tour

Source: Trip Advisor

There are many bus tour options in London, 2 that I know of are called Big Bus Tours and The Original Bus Tour. When I visited, I took the Original Bus Tour. You will receive a map and there are different routes you can take to see different things. BEWARE!! Of scammers!! There are a lot of places you can buy bus tickets and the guy we bought them from scammed us! So be careful you wouldn’t want your money to go down the drain. The bus tours are great ways to see the main attractions of London(Buckingham Palace,Big Ben, London Eye etc.) in 1-2 days.


2. Oxford Street

Oxford Street has amazing shopping options, really any store you could wish for. A shopaholic’s dream haha! It also has many eating options and the street is constantly buzzing. There are people singing and dancing. I love the architecture of the buildings it’s really special. Everywhere you go there are the typical red buses and phone booths, which I adore!


3. Notting Hill

Notting Hill is a more affluent district in London. I loved looking at the houses especially the colorful ones! They’re so cute and I wish I could live there, but poor people problems you know. It’s nice to just walk around, enjoy the scenery and cry because you’ll never be able to afford such a house ! (jk maybe you can)


4. Camden Market

Camden Market sells all kind of things from clothing, electronics, shoes, paintings and fast food. If you want to buy some cheap (fake) branded things, there are endless stands with brands like Adidas,Nike,Trasher etc. Always make sure to bargain with them, because almost everytime they will lower the price just ask!



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